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E-book: How to ensure successful Microsoft Teams Rooms Deployment

– Avoid pitfalls and reach the maximum return for the investment

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Discover these insights from the ebook:

  • How MTR endpoints differ from PCs and legacy video conferencing devices

  • The meaning of vendor selection

  • When to choose Windows or Android

  • How to manage and support MTRs

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“Here’s the catch: it’s not about MTR not being an excellent solution for collaboration, which it really is, but about how companies actually get as far as to enjoy the benefits.”


Pekka Haataja, VP Global Sales, Elisa Videra

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Download a PDF Guidebook to learn how to create an optimal digital collaboration experience for your organization.



Elisa Videra Envisioning Lab for Remote Collaborators reviews products to share how different types of products are performing in your most common remote environment and what are the optional use cases for the devices.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms integration requires experience in handling the ongoing shortage of conference room equipment and ensuring undisturbed workflow in the setup. How can you estimate the value a Service Provider can bring to your business?